New Levels New Devils

The Church in Colombia is alive as ever! There is a fresh wind of God covering the city and it truly is beautiful. On average 100 people come to Christ every weekend. This weekend we saw God reach new levels with over 350 people coming to Christ! Praise God!

With the Church thriving and entering into new territory many of the church leaders have been under demonic attack. One leader almost died, while Andrew and another Pastor’s blood pressure shot way up. Two other leaders had to have unexpected surgeries, with another leader taken to the hospital for high blood sugar.

The devil is trying to interrupt the great harvest that God has planned in Medellin by breaking down the leaders. We ask that you lift up our church and it’s leadership in prayer as we step into this new season.

We also want to help build you and your family up in prayer. Our church has an amazing prayer team in Colombia that is eager to pray for you. If you have any prayer requests please e-mail us at

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