How About Wonderful?

Oh how I would love to sit down and have a coffee with each one of you. As I write to you I try to imagine you sitting across the table from me, friends and family from all over. Some of you know me well enough may wonder how God has used me these past 30 years on the mission field. I wonder even more. My wife, even more than I.

For the last seven years, I have felt lousy. Many nights I had to drag myself out the door to meetings and more meetings. Finally after countless doctor visits, it was discovered in October that I had three arteries more than 90% blocked- I almost croaked a few times. After three stents, I returned to Florida to rest for Christmas, but I felt worse.

Kathy was worn threadbare with my illness, but she had the faith to drive me crazy. She asked me everyday, “What are you confessing.” I wanted to quote to her Paul’s words about women being quiet.

I have never felt so depressed, except maybe during my drug days in college. I told the Lord how sick and tired I was of confessing and praying, but somehow I kept talking to Him about not praying. Who else would listen to me? Finally, two weeks ago I went to an endocrinologist, who I thought studied insects. He said my thyroids were out of whack and my sugar could be better. I would like to say that after seven years of praying for healing, Jesus healed me. But it was Jesus and pills. I swallowed them, and a day later, my body kicked into high gear. I woke up feeling like a teenager.

I gave my new health a test run by preaching at the Catch the Fire Conference, a four day conference in Toronto, with pastors from over 35 nations. Kathy and I stayed late praying and prophesying over people almost every night, skiing in the fresh snow of His goodness. Now we are heading back to Colombia with a great expectation for what God has planned. The healing is sticking!

I think I have changed. I was not impatient today waiting in line behind a lady who pulled out 15 coupons and a ton of change. I have a deeper love for my family and friends. Finances are not worrying me anymore. I certainly have faith to see God turn around long-term problems. This seven year trial has erupted in me a new faith for Medellin. I can worship Jesus at the drop of a hat.

God asked Abraham and Sarah, “Is anything too wonderful for Me?” You might laugh like Sarah, saying, “Yea, right!” But the fact that we laugh shows we believe, if only for a wink of time. We might say we didn’t laugh, but God says we did. We do believe. You believe things can change.

How am I doing? How about wonderful? And you? Jesus is alive and wonderful for you, too.

Yours in life and death,

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