Christian is getting married August 5th.


This is Christian, and I just want to give you an update about my life. Long story short, I am getting married in a few days and moving to Colombia in a year with my new family.

This is the longer version: the last year I have been working with my dad and mom at the church simplifying and streamlining everything. I have been focused on the communications team, the staff organization, the discipleship process and also how we treat and organize the volunteers. It has been a fun, very stressful, and most rewarding time. A few weeks ago a sweet lady told me with tears in her eyes that she has been at the church for 15 years but never knew she could serve, because she thought she wasn´t good enough. But with all the changes, she realized she is good enough. Makes me very happy.

But now, I am giving the church in Colombia a little break and will be getting married to a beautiful Virginian girl named Sarah Walker. After that, we will spend a year in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas until she graduates with her masters in counseling (she is smart). I, on the other hand, have no idea what I will be doing for a year in Dallas, but that is an adventure in itself. When the year is over, we will travel back to Colombia and keep serving the people of Medellin, Colombia. Sarah will learn Spanish and use her counseling skills and I will ask God about what he wants me to do. I just know it is in Colombia; I have always known.

If you want to support me, just donate via the PayPal on this site to the whole family. It is money well spent. Like seriously, just in the first six months of this year we saw over 3,652 come to Christ, 123 baptisms, 2330 have done the first step of the growth track, 320 new volunteers started serving in the church, 226 went to a weekend retreat and received freedom, we handed out 900 Bibles and 1200 new shirts, 254 couples attended our marriage seminar: Love and Respect, 63 couples attended our pre-marriage seminar,  59 couples attended a marriage retreat, 850 kids attend the weekend services, 400 assist parenting school, and we started building a new orphanage.

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