Read my book, support the mission.

Some comments on Amazon about the book, The Safest Place on Earth:
“Read this book to meet a friend. He is easy to be with; you can share his path.” – JFK
“Have you ever wondered what the Lord could do if someone was actually willing to really try to follow his leading? This book will give you an inside view into that wonderful place.” – Capt. Bill
“I would also suggest this book for anyone wanting to see “great” miracles but struggle to find them beyond their own detailed expectation of how God “should” move.” – Hawk2002
If you buy this book on Amazon, you will be supporting a mission and getting a good read. If you have friends who have honest questions about God, this might be the right book. But read it for yourself to increase your expectation of what is possible.


About Team McMillan:

In 1994, the family traveled cautiously into Medellin, Colombia to plant a church and start a foundation. Medellin was the kidnapping, murder, and drug capital of the world, but God thought it a good place to raise a family. Turned out to be a very large family: The Church, Comunidad Cristiana de Fe (Christian Community of Faith), is now the largest church in Medellin with over 8,000 members, the Foundation, Viento Fresco, cares for over 150 children from 4 months to 14 years of age, and a non-profit coffee shop, New Hearts Cafe, serves cups of caffeine and the love of Jesus to thousands of college students. God is doing so much in Medellin, and we write about here on the blog!

Do not forget to check out Andrew´s new book, The Safest Place on Earth, or think about supporting our mission to the people of Medellin via Paypal:

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