A Day Off. [Poem by Andrew McMillan]

A Day Off

I thank the night for letting this morning go
The city wakes so bright and slow,
Cars crash the air like breakers down the shore
And dishes rattle in the house next door.
Praise Him for letting this morning go.

No one to call, no one to see,
A dog digs an ear into ecstasy.
The sun makes me simple and free
One day to spend on me.
The sun breaks out of the star-kissed sea.
Praise Him for letting this morning go.


About Team McMillan:

In 1994, the family traveled cautiously into Medellin, Colombia to plant a church and start a foundation. Medellin was the kidnapping, murder, and drug capital of the world, but God thought it was a good place to raise a family. Turned out to be a very large family: The church, Comunidad Cristiana de Fe (Christian Community of Faith), is now the largest church in Medellin with over 8,000 members, the Foundation, Viento Fresco, cares for over 150 children from 4 months to 14 years of age, and a non-profit coffee shop, New Hearts Cafe, serves cups of caffeine and the love of Jesus to thousands of college students. God is doing so much in Medellin, and we write about here on the Teammcmillan.org blog!

Do not forget to check out Andrew´s new book, The Safest Place on Earth, and think about supporting Mission South America via Paypal.

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