What Lies Beneath [Andrew McMillan]

I watched part of the thriller, What Lies Beneath, with my wife yesterday. We knew before the movie was over, “what lies beneath” was not good. Demons from past sins emerged to pull Harrison Ford down into the dark. What lies beneath your life? (Cue the music from Jaws)

It reminded me of a dream I had in August about finding myself walking in the middle of the woods on a cold foggy day. I came upon a small frozen lake. I saw colorful fish darting under the ice but I thought they were dangerous like barracuda or small sharks. As I walked out on the ice, I saw they were all large, 30-40 pound fish, but the ice blurred their form. In one part of the lake, the ice thinned and I fell in. I got out in a hurry, but I could see the fish whirling around my legs. They were rainbow trout. They loved me. They seemed to know me. I had the peace of a child.

When I woke up, the dream was as clear and real as the dog on our bed. Instantly I knew the fish under the opaque ice were my unconscious fears but after falling into the water, I saw they were the desires God put in my life before I ever opened my eyes.  Maybe our greatest fears are not how horrible we are but how wonderfully and fearfully we are made in His image. It is a terrible and beautiful responsibility to live in the deep calling of our life.



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In 1994, the McMillan family traveled to the kidnappingmurder, and drug capital of the western hemisphere to plant a church and a foundation. God thought Medellin, Colombia a good place to raise a family. And turns out He was right (as He usually is). It became a very large family: The church, Comunidad (Community), is now the largest church in Medellin with over 8,000 members, the Foundation, Viento Fresco, cares for over 150 high-risk children, and a non-profit coffee shop, New Hearts Cafe, serves cups of caffeine and the love of Jesus to thousands of college students.

God is doing so much in Medellin, and we write about here on the Teammcmillan.org blog!


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