The Time Has Come · Sarah McMillan

IMG_2217Christian and I are so happy to announce that we are moving to Medellin, Colombia permanently this March! We have come so long as a couple since our first meeting almost eight years ago. I remember walking into the student building at Lee University in Tennessee, when this dorky guy came up talking to me. I thought “silly freshman, thinking he’s going to get a junior.” After five years of dating and two years of marriage, I guess I was the silly one after all.

Since I was a little girl I dreamed of careers that could help the lost. I wanted to be a pastor, a missionary, a counselor, and for a brief time a fashion designer. Hey, I was only nine. I was on a fast track. I graduated high school when I was 15, had an associates degree by 17, and moved to Tennessee and started my business degree a few weeks after my 18th birthday. I had it set in my heart that “I wasn’t looking for a relationship…. just going to focus on my studies.” That lasted maybe 3 months.

The Lord solidified the call in my heart for missions before meeting Christian. How you ask? It was kind of weird. I just remember walking around campus with a strong urge in my spirit to help children. It happened for a few days, and it was so odd I didn’t want to tell anyone because they would think I was a loony. I remember walking to my management class and I kept having an image in my head of a group of children running towards me to hug me… yea, weird I told you. I was so confused. I even got a little sassy with God and said, “Stop, I am focusing on my management degree, and this is what I thought you wanted me to do.” I walked into my business class, and like a slap in the face the professor says, “Today we are going to take a break from management and we are going to learn about an orphanage in Uganda.” My stomach dropped so low it was about to explode through my converse.

I went back to my dorm room, fell to my knees and cried out to the Lord, “Lord, I accept the call. I will go wherever you want me to go. I will go to a tent in Africa if that’s what you want (even though I don’t really want to). God, my heart’s desire is to have a husband and children one day, but if that is not a part of your plan I will sacrifice that to do what you want.” The words pained my heart as they came off my lips, but the calling was so strong and powerful in my spirit I knew I only wanted what God had for me.

Two weeks later I met Christian. The little dorky guy in the student lounge. He pursued me like I had never been pursued before. We talked for hours on end about Jesus and all the miraculous things we have seen Him do. For the first time the deepest parts of me were understood by a man. My God stories were not met with, “Oh, that’s cool…” or “Good for you…” they were passionately met with “Wow, but wait until you hear this one!” We swapped stories for hours, and then this dorky guy was starting to look pretty dang cute.

Turned out he was a missionary from Medellin, Colombia. He was born in Cali, Colombia, and raised in Medellin, the drug and murder capital during the reign of the infamous Pablo Escobar. My eyes light up when I found out he was a missionary. The more I talked to him the more I loved his free spirit. This man had so much peace, it was contagious. I couldn’t wait to see him.

When he first asked me to be his girlfriend he made it very clear that his intent was to move back to Colombia one day, and that was a deal breaker for whoever he would date. But I also had a deal breaker, my husband had to be willing to be a missionary. It was a great match, a God match.

Then started our 5 years of long distance dating. After graduating with my business degree the Lord told me to go back to school for my masters in counseling. Christian wasn’t all for it, but we were dating, not married and I had to do what the Lord was telling me, “Sarah, I am putting more tools in your tool belt”, He would say. We were married in 2017, and thought our time to move back had come, but the Lord kept telling us to wait.

Last year, we traveled to Colombia three times. Each time we left my heart became more and more homesick. Not for the states, but for Colombia. I felt so much love for the people, and hated to leave. When in Colombia, I visited the women’s foundation, Mujer Talento, and helped counsel the women who had been rescued from the sex trade. God is using all of the tools he put in my tool belt while getting my counseling degree.

When I am in a room helping a hurting soul, everything else around me melts away. Complete tunnel vision. All I see is this woman’s pain, and the love and truth of the Lord ready to pour all over her. I want nothing else than to keep doing just that. I want to be present for those who feel totally lost. I want to see those who have felt unseen for so long that they doubt the importance of their own existence. There is so much love to be given to these people. Seeing how God’s truth can rip away years of insecurity is addicting.

I am so excited to announce that the time has come for Christian and I to move to Medellin, Colombia full time! My heart is overjoyed that the dreams of my childhood are being fulfilled. I get to be a pastor, missionary, counselor, and since the women’s foundation designs clothing, I even get to be a fashion designer if I want! I will help the churches counseling ministry, and also counsel the women at Mujer Talento. Christian will be joining the executive leadership at the church. You can visit the church website and watch services live at

Thank you to everyone who has prayed fir and supported us with words of encouragement! Your faith in us has helped us keep our eyes on the calling we have.

We will be moving to Colombia this March 2020! We are going to have to start over in Colombia with a lot of things, and will need some help. If you would like to donate to help us get on our feet, or help us throughout our time in Medellin please see the donation information below. If you want to help, but can’t help financially please pray for us! We need prayers for helping me find a great Spanish tutor, our protection in the city, and please pray for the women at Mujer Talento!

I love you all so so much! ❤
– Sarah McMillan

Donation Information: 

PayPal:   CashApp: $SarahLMcMillan  Venmo: @TeamMcMillan

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For tax deductible donations checks can be sent to Mission South America:Make out checks to “Mission South America” with “Christian & Sarah McMillan” in the memo and
mail to: Christian & Sarah / MSA / P.O. Box 12523 / Norfolk, VA 23541

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